US Open Seating

Where to Sit


The preferred location for US Open tennis tickets are the Courtside seats in the lower portion of Arthur Ashe Stadium. Courtside sections are divided into Sideline, End, and Corner. The best seats are Courtside End, offering a view over one of the match participants. Sideline seats are also a great way to take in the match.

Access to Aces Restaurant and the US Open Club are included with Courtside seats.


Loge seats are a good value if Courtside is out of reach. Ends are preferred, but Sidelines are high enough that it is easy to take in the match.


Divided into Upper and Lower at rows O or N, the Upper Promenade can be the most economical for taking in a match at the US Open. Lower Promenade seating towards the front (Row A) can provide an excellent view of the match.


Seating Charts

Arthur Ashe Stadium

Arthur Ashe Staidum Seating Chart

Louis Armstrong Stadium

Louis Armstrong Stadium Seating Chart